Professional Tutoring Services: Extra Professional Your Child Can Learn

The competition is tight, and the vacations aren’t probably the best time to sit back and relax. Yes, these are the days which will decide the rest of your life! With over 1 million candidates on the same track, it is necessary for a VCE aspirant to stand out from the rest to get better career options.

VCE preparation

The Victorian Certificate of Education score can open up gates for employment, future studies, TAFE and training at universities. Thus, besides regular practice, it is important to have a good grasp of the design of the exam to rank yourself at the top of the merit list.

In total there are currently 129 VCE courses. Each VCE course consists of Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3 and Unit 4, that is covered within a period of two years, in general. Edu-Kingdom Tutoring Centre helps all kinds of students to achieve their study dreams.

Preparation of VCE with the help of guidance of professional tutoring services helps the child:

  • To increase self-confidence through constant practice.
  • To have thorough knowledge about previous patterns and hence helps them in getting better scores for widening their future study options.
  • To revitalise and grasp all concepts in an easier way, and most importantly,
  • Counselling and guidance that helps in relieving last minute stress and nervousness, through constant practice over the years.

Power writing courses

Power Writing Courses are for Year 1-9 and are the most important ones- as they help in building up a firm foundation that will decide the crucial years 11 and 12. Writing is a critical part of the curriculum and students must be encouraged since the start to practice different forms of writing. These writings can be descriptive, narrative or may require explanation, report or exposition. A good power writing course should help you: extend your vocabulary, use correct grammar, develop comprehension writing skills and analyse newspaper articles and other texts.

Scholarship preparation

One can get a scholarship either through excellence in academics, sports or other extracurricular activities. Talking academically, you can get scholarships based on your performance in tests conducted by different schools. Such tests are usually based on your mathematical ability, reasoning and inferential comprehension. This can be commonly followed up by a round of interview. The Scholarship is highly beneficial if you want a large chunk of your tuition fees to get waived off. These exams are conducted by individual schools through testing services such as Edutest and ACER.

Selective school entrance preparation

The Selective School Entrance exams are conducted for segregating the high achiever students from the rest of the masses. Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) was designed to meet the quality needs of those students who can grasp at a faster pace compared to other students of the same level. The faster-paced curriculum helps such students to rapidly finish their mandatory educational requirements- thus, allowing them to enter into tertiary education quickly. Some of the common topics to study for Selective School Entrances include subjects like Reading Comprehension, Mathematical and Abstract Reasoning, Written Expression and Humanities Comprehension. You are provided about 20-40 minutes for each section. Some of the most preferred selective school in Australia are Nossal, Melbourne, MacRob and John Monash High School – such schools caters and harnesses the gifted students.

Updated study material

Every year, we can find some or the other changes in the level of difficulty and the format of questions asked in these examinations. Therefore, professional tutors work hard regularly to stay in tune with these changes and provide aspirants with thoroughly reviewed and updated study materials. You can check the Glossary list of the VCE website and accordingly, you can pile up study materials over the years. Readymade professional tutoring study materials should be thoroughly revised, and you must make constant efforts to bring in additional inputs. Some of the primary study materials include Basic Skill Mathematics Tests by Coroneos Publications, Previous Year Tests, ICAS Papers, and at least 100 Mini-Exams mock tests and more.

More importantly, good professional tutoring services must provide you with thoroughly reviewed study notes of the relevant subjects. These courses should also contain following features like:

  • Interactive Classes and demonstration of effective problem-solving strategies.
  • Should guide you how to inculcate great study habits, regularise your study routine and time management skills and boost your confidence.
  • Constantly assess you and help you maximise your study scores by providing you with exam style questions that cover all critical and surprise topics.

Working according to child's need

Every child has a different level of intelligence. Therefore, many parents prefer to enrol their child into one to one professional tutoring services. Each student should be provided with an individualised program that adjusts with the capacity and the potential of the child, while always thriving on a road to better performance. Constant assessments and mock tests help the child to conquer fear and nervousness. While choosing for professional tutoring services, it is important that you must look for a centre that provides the low student to teacher ratio. For a child to excel and develop his or her skills, it is important to boost up his foundation stages right from year 2. Once the foundation is strong, the child needs to be brushed up regularly with complicated sets of tests and assessments to nurture his skills even more efficiently.